Pettinà Contract is an important reference point for the housing sector.

Solid know-how is transferred into every project.

The principle of livable elements applied to any housing space.


A solid wood frame enhance the grandeur of the formal reception room while the contemporary staircase with its clean geometry add contrast to the more traditional elements of the scheme and leads the way to the bedroom suites upstairs.
Here, a long open corridor houses a full-length bookshelf, while a line of high windows separates the roof and wall.

A stairwell that spans 4 floors, for a total of 10m.: a sculpture runs the full height of the stairs, its geometries designing a wave with both aesthetic and functional value, thanks to the LED back light technology.
The interplay on light and shadow animates the surface of the stairs, contrasting with the more rigorous lines that dominate the surrounding space.

Luxurious textures in a palette of soft colors.
On an elegant floor, a full-width tailor-made cabinet frames the plasma-screen TV of the living area, while in the kitchen gray stone details, satin glass, steel and precious fabrics create a dynamic counterpoint to the white lacquered panels.

Slatted panels and sliding doors give the flat a unique touch, and maximize the spaces. Colors and materials used – white lacquered surfaces and natural oak – provide the same effect, maximizing the brightness and the lightness of the spaces.

In order to enhance the spaciousness of the house we designed off-standard, bespoke furniture in warm Canaletto-walnut glulam wood, whose grain continuously running on tops and doors gives depth and dynamism to the whole.
A second table with an octagonal shape and a white lacquered wood finish gives a distinctive touch to the adjoining dining room, separated from the kitchen by a tall sliding glass door.

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