Conceiving, designing and manufacturing furniture solutions that accurately interpret customers’ needs. Expression and synonyms for aesthetics, quality, functionality and customization.

Pettinà Contract Division guarantees exclusive “Made in Italy” style that applies to both private and public spaces.


A series of pending lights brighten a beautiful oak-beamed ceiling, restored in its original color; reclaimed wooden planks alternate with stone surfaces on the walls; tall sleek tables made of untreated plywood give lightness and a modern accent to the space.

The elegant and stylish renovation of a historic building.
Both the original ceiling and counter, that date back to 1926, are elaborated and extended; the counter gains 6mt to the original 4mt, while retaining the original characteristics and finishings.

The leather panels on the counter sides and the steel and corian details give a touch of modernity and elegance to the space.
In the dining area, tables in reclaimed wood and slate metal sheet wall paneling make for a contemporary and airy atmosphere.

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